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KETRON SD40 de Similares caracteristicas al MIDJPRO, a un precio inferior, mas pequeño y compacto 2Kg. Solo un Player, pensado para acordeonistas, guitarristas o aquellos usuarios que teniendo un X1, SD1 ,o MS50 quieran tener todas las caractristicas del SD7 controladas via midi mediante su teclado
Poliphony : 128 note, Multitimbral 48 parts.
Display : Lcd color Tft 7”, Touch sensitive 800 x 480 dots, Brightness control.
Player : Files recognized : Wav, Midi , Mp3, Mp4, Avi, Mov, Flv, Cdg, Jpg, Txt, Pdf.
Player Functions : Marker, Sync/Next, Autoplay, Lead Mute, GM part, Lyric Off, Cross fade, File Search, Play List, My Folder, Transposer, Time stretching, Metronome Click, Midi Multimix, Song Drum Restyle.
Audio Multitrack Player : 5+1 Audio tracks with separate slider control.
Juke Box : Play List, My Folders, SFX Special Effects.
Pic& Movie : Jpg & Mp4, Avi, Mov, Flv, Karaoke background, Movie/PDF To RGB, Pic List, Autoshow, Dvi : Video Monitor Out, Karaoke Lyric / Mirror.
Menu : Disk, Midi , Play Modes, Audio Edit, Language, Footswitch, Preferences, Controls, Video, Reg, Set up, Arabic Mode,Micro/Vocal,Mic2/Guitar, Juke Box, DSP, Records.
Media : Internal Storage: SSD Card 16G, 3 Host + 1 device.
Soundboard : 619 GM Sounds, 5 Sound Banks, Voice List, 48 Drum Sets + Stereo Special Kit, Live Drum Modeling.
Voices : 368 Preset Voices, New Stereo Grand Piano, 368 User Voice, 2nd Voice, V-Tone , Double Up / Down, Harmony, EFX Insert, Voice Editing.
Arranger : 260 Styles full Audio Drum and Groove equipped, User Style section, Midi Drum Mixer & Remap, 4 Arranger ABCD, 4 Fill, 4 Break, 3 Intro, 3 Ending, Drum, Groove, Bass, Chords 1-5 , Lower 1-2, Auto Fill, Fill to Arrange, To End, Reintro, Key Start, Key Stop, Restart, Count In, Drum Boost, 4 Voice Set, Voice to ABCD, Voice & Vari, 5 User Tabs, V-T one.
Arranger Modes : Pianist (Auto- Standard), Bassist (Easy,Expert), Manual Bass, Bass to Lowest.
Style Modeling : Interactive Modeling Library with massive Audio Drums, Bass, Latin Groove, Piano, Guitar and Orchestral templates.
Play Modes: Master keyboard, Accordion Style, Accordion Classic, Guitar mode with Efx (thru Input).
Registrations : 4 Bank x 1024 Regs, Full Panel and function programming.
DSP : Type : Chorus, Reverb, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Rotary, Echo Delay, Tap Delay, Equalizer, Distortion, Amp simulator, Compressor, Filter, EFX Insert (54 types), 10 programmable Insert Chains.
Recording : HD Recording : 1 Stereo track, Loop , Audio Edit with Cut, Normalize, Midi Recording , Phrase and Song.
Micro : XLR Input, Gain control, Volume, Reverb, Micro On/Off Edit, Talk,
Voicetron : 3 Voice Vocalizer, 10 Voicetron Presets + 10 User.
Instruction Manual : Html on board.
Midi: In1 (Gm), In 2 (Keyb), Out, Thru, Midi Set up : Standard, Computer & Sequencer, Keyboard Right, Accordion, Player , Style.
Out : Left/Right Stereo, Pedal Volume, Micro Out.
Input : Guitar (Instrument) / Micro2.
Headphone : Stereo Headphone , Aux separate Out Assign (to Drums, Right, Bass, Click).
Optional : Footswitch 6 or 13, Volume Pedal, Sustain pedal, Bag, SSD.
Power Supply : External 9 V, 4A.
Dimensions : 32 x 18 x 10 ( 13 x 7,1 x 4 inches).
Weight : 2 Kg (4,4 lbs).

Módulo de sonido arreglista Midi

Polifonía de 197 voces
384 sonidos orquestales
512 GM2 Sounds
300 estilos con 4 variaciones cada uno
Disco thomann duro interno de 80GB
Pantalla TFT a color
320 espacios de memoria
Órgano de tiradores digital con 9 tiradores
Audioplayer interno para datos Wave y MP3
SMF Player para ficheros Midi y Karaoke
32 veces Multitimbral
Indicación de textos de letras
Grabador de audio de 2 pistas
Memoria de trabajo interna de 192MB para sonidos
Modo acordeón
Efectos DSP
Vocalist  interno de 5 voces
2 entradas de micrófono con control de ganancia separado
10 Band EQ
Echo y Reverb
2x USB to Host
USB to Device
Midi IN1/IN2/Out/Thru
Line Out L/R
4 salidas individuales
Entrada y salida digital S/P-DIF
Toma de auriculares
2 entradas de micrófono XLR
2 entradas de línea
Conexión de pedal FS6 o FS13
Conexión de pedal sustain Y pedal de volumen
Interfaz de Video con conexión VGA
Medidas: 530 x 330 x 130
Peso: 7,0 kg

MIDI, WAVE, MP3, MP4, JPG, PICs, Karaoke y DVI
Pantalla táctil de de 7"
Sonidos de gran calidad y multiefectos
Drum Grooves
Entradas de micrófono y guitarra con efectos profesionales
Juke Box
Sección DJ
384 sonidos
50 sets de batería
128-notas multitimbral
Tarjeta interna SSD con 16 GB
3x USB to Host
1x USB to Device
Midi (In, Out, Thru)
Main Out (L/R estéreo)
Medidas: 352 x 241 x 94 mm
Peso: 3,5 kg

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